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FemTech Advancing Women's Wellness And Lifespan


Time: September 30, 2021 (5 pm - 8 pm, BST)

“FemTech Advancing Women's Wellness and Lifespan” is a virtual 1-day conference featuring a number of FemTech influencers, including founders & CEOs of startups and established companies, investors, scientists and other key players in the Women's Health industry
The event will focus on the impact of technologies on women’s health and lifespan and how FemTech contributes to women’s Longevity in general. During the event, panelists will share their insights about new possibilities in the rapidly developing FemTech market, covering its cornerstone sub sectors such as Women’s Longevity, Reproductive Health, AI for Women’s Health, Mental Health & Healthy Lifestyle, General Healthcare, and Advanced P4 Medicine for Women. 


Terri H.png

Terri Harris

Head of Media, FemTech Lab

Terri Harris is the Head of Media for FemTech.Live the largest FemTech-Focused media site, as well as supporting the first FemTech-focused accelerator FemTech Lab. Through her work with both FemTech.Live and FemTech Lab Terri has her finger on the pulse when it comes to FemTech, staying ahead of the latest trends and investments. Terri is also a Sexual and Reproductive Health educator who has worked in the Middle East, East Africa and the UK supporting women, girls and people who menstruate to be more conscious of their bodies and the power they hold.


Kate B.png

Kate Batz

Director, FemTech Analytics

Kate Batz is Director of FemTech Analytics and Managing Partner of Longevity.Capital, a specialized investment fund focused on the Longevity Industry. 
She is also Director of Strategy and Business Development at Deep Knowledge Ventures Group, comprising of Deep Knowledge Ventures, Aging Analytics Agency, and Deep Knowledge Analytics.
Kate is an experienced corporate attorney by background, licensed to practice law in California, New York, and Russia, with extensive sales and marketing experience. 

At the beginning of her career, Kate was involved with international litigation when she worked for a former Pennsylvania state senator. As a corporate attorney, Kate worked with many Fortune 500 clients.
Сompelled by the paradigm-shifting advances in science and technology in the fields of aging and Longevity, Kate joined Deep Knowledge Ventures Group. Kate is based in San Francisco, California.


Dr. Barbra Hanna

DO, FACOG, NCMP, Founder & CEO, MyMenopauseRx

Dr. Barbra Hanna always envisioned something better for women than the traditional medical visit. After completing her OB/Gyn residency at the University of Illinois in 1998, she quickly realized her true passion was women's health. In 2008, Dr. Hanna opened her own gynecology practice in the suburbs of Chicago. She ditched her white coat, paper gowns and plastic speculums for a more comfortable, modern style of women’s healthcare.
A modern woman with modern ideas, Dr. Hanna embraced technology and telemedicine to break down barriers in women’s healthcare. Realizing women suffering from menopause symptoms were desperately looking for safe, effective solutions and education, she became a North American Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner. In April 2021, she founded MyMenopauseRx, an online doctor’s office devoted to evidence-based menopause treatment and education. She is on a mission to help women all over the US to stop suffering and get the help they deserve.


Debbie Garner

CEO, FEMSelect

Debbie, CEO of FEMSelect (women’s health medical device company) for the past 6 years, is an experienced healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience with commercialization of drugs, devices and HCIT. 
Debbie began her career at Eli Lilly and Company where she held a variety of brand management and sales management roles in the US and Global organizations. In her sales management role, Debbie led a team of 15 and was responsible for over $25M in sales. As a product manager, Debbie designed and executed a new product launch strategy that achieved reimbursement in the Israeli health basket. 
After 12 years at Lilly, Debbie joined iMDsoft as Director of Professional Services responsible for software implementation in hospitals through Europe, Israel and Australia. Before joining FEMSelect, Debbie served as the EMEA Regional Director for Avalere Health (healthcare advisory services). 
Debbie received her BA from Harvard College and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Hilla Shaviv.png

Hilla Shaviv

CEO, Gals Bio Ltd

Hilla Shaviv is a biomedical engineer and a serial entrepreneur in the women's health arena, with more than 20 years of experience in medical device R&D, the last 13 years she focused on researching and developing women's health devices. Hilla studied bio-fluid dynamics focusing on developing a heart assist device, as well as carrying out computational blood flow and in-vitro simulations. 

Hilla earned a BSc from Caltech (Mechanical & Fluid Dynamics Engineering, cum laude) and an MSc from Tel Aviv University (Biomedical Engineering).

Rachel Braun Scherl_.png

Rachel Braun Scherl

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Vagipreneur, SPARK Solutions for Growth

Rachel Braun Scherl is a champion for women’s health and a pioneer in the space, where she has passionately focused on driving the conversation in and the growth of women’s sexual and reproductive health companies. As a business builder and Vagipreneur®, she works with companies in the space from menstruation through menopause.
As a long-time contributor to this space, Rachel partners with companies in menopause, fertility, birth control, pregnancy and menstruation, among others, to drive growth. She is a speaker, board member, advisor, mentor and author. 
While President and co-founder of Semprae Laboratories, Rachel and her team built a company that developed and marketed sexual health and wellness products for women - creating a new category and transforming women’s health. Semprae attracted significant media attention and industry interest and was sold to a specialty pharmaceutical company in 2013.

Dr. Isabelle Rottmann.png

Isabelle Rottmann

Founder & CEO, Uplyfe

Dr. Isabelle Rottmann is founder and CEO of a Switzerland-based company Uplyfe — a research-based, B2B2C health platform that allows its business clients to build individual health programs to improve the health risk of their end users on their own or under the Uplyfe brand.
Uplyfe focuses on making self-care easier and more effective. The AI-powered health platform provides individualized nutrition and exercise plans, symptom monitoring and analysis, check-up reminders, and access to specialists. The clients are insurance companies, medical service providers, online pharmacies and employers.

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes run commonly in Isabelle’s family. When her dad was diagnosed and realized how little support he got to manage the disease himself, Isabelle was sure that such a platform to support chronically ill patients would definitely change many lives for the better.
Prior to the Uplyfe, Isabelle has been working for 6 years as a Director at financial company UBS. 

Ksenia Tugay.png

Ksenia Tugay

PhD, Strategic Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel

Ksenia Tugay is a Strategic Innovation Expert at Groupe Mutuel, leading Swiss Health Insurance. Apart from leading Tech4Eva, Ksenia is responsible for identifying startups, trends and best practices of strategic interest to Groupe Mutuel.
Ksenia holds PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Lausanne. Her PhD was dedicated to Type 2 Diabetes, Genetics and Ageing. 
After completing her PhD, Ksenia has joined Inartis Foundation and was instrumental in launching the first edition of MassChallenge startup acceleration program in Switzerland. 
Throughout her career, Ksenia worked with key Swiss startup accelerators and incubators in Switzerland including Impact Hub and Swiss EdTech Collider.
Ksenia grew up between Russia and Switzerland. She speaks fluent Russian, English and French. Today Ksenia lives in Lausanne region raising her 18-month daughter together with her husband

Lisa K.png

Lisa Krapinger

CMO, Carbomed Medical Solutions

Lisa is Chief Marketing Officer of Carbomed Medical Solutions and a real FemTech enthusiast. Her main driver to go to Carbomed was that Lisa wanted to do Marketing for a product that clearly helps people and where she can influence the go-to-market strategy from the beginning on. 
Her vision is to promote women's health and to make an important contribution to closing the existing data gap on technology and health of half the world's population. The last couple of years she wanted to bring awareness to the female health topic and therefore was in different TV shows, podcasts and events to talk about femtech. 
She has studied International Business with a focus on digital marketing in Vienna and Belgium. 
Due to family and friends problems while trying to conceive Lisa knows the pressure and hard journey a couple has to go when they have troubles becoming pregnant. So she wanted to work on a project, which helps to make that easier. Her sister, Pia, became within the breathe ilo studies pregnant and has the so-called first breathe ilo baby


Petra Rabely

Digital Product Designer, VMLY&R

Petra Rabely is a Digital Product Designer at VMLY&R and freelance, and Volunteer Networking Facilitator at FemTech Collective.
In a world full of products, Petra's job involves designing apps and websites with impeccable user experiences and beautiful interfaces while following the businesses' goals and needs. After working with clients across FemTech, FinTech, Education, Hospitality and E-Commerce, she decided to concentrate her freelance career on contributing to the fast-growing industries of FemTech and HealthTech.In 2020, Petra had the amazing opportunity to join The Lowdown - the world's first contraception review platform - as their Design and Content Lead. Recently, she has also become part of the FemTech Collective where she plans, organises, and grows the free monthly networking events globally. Petra has also joined WIN: Women In Innovation where she got to experience being a peer-to-peer mentor to four amazing young women. With a personal interest in attachment theories, Petra is currently working on her own digital product to help future users build better interpersonal relationships

David V.png

David Verdesi

Anthropologist, Scientist, Life Coach

As a wandering anthropologist, David Verdesi travelled all over the world for 30 years, researching and comparing his own experiences with those of 120 mystics, yogis, cave-dwellers, saints and genuine enlightened beings, Siddhas from the mountains and jungles of India and Xian immortals from China and Southeast Asia, the Shamans of Central and South America and Africa, the Mystics of old Europe and the mysterious saints of the northern Steppes of Russia, Tibet and Mongolia.

He has culminated years of personal askesis and practice into the realization of an algorithm that can be applied to navigate, explore and integrate the human psyche into wholeness, the development of human potential and the maximization of happiness.

These experiences formed an instrumental part of an ongoing work of enrichment and comparison, contributing valuably to the successive phases of the development of his teachings.


Mark Amouzgar

(Co-Founder & CEO, March Health)

Engineer and serial entrepreneur leading his 3rd business after two successful exits, Mark has 14 years of experience in building products and scaling businesses. He is the author of a top-seller award-winning engineering book. Mark is the founder and CEO of March Health, a startup company that has developed an AI-powered women's health assistant (App and Wearable) to ease physical and mental menstrual discomforts.

Two years ago, Mark and his wife lost a baby due to endometriosis complications. He ended up developing this wearable and app in order to primarily help his wife who has long suffered from excruciating menstrual pain, and his product was practical enough to see a huge global market, thus he began this journey with the team and co-founders to scale the business into a global business.


Susan Stover

Marketing & Brand Manager at Hyivy Health, Co-host FemTech Focus Book Club

Susan Stover is a Marketing and Branding specialist working in the FemTech industry. With over 10 years of experience working as a marketing and sales professional, Susan has worked across numerous verticals including biometrics, mobile identification, finance, and health care. Susan is a passionate member of the FemTech community with her blog What the FemTech?!,  she has been featured in publications like FemTech Insider and FemTech.Live, and is the co-host of the monthly FemTech Focus Book Club facilitating thought-provoking conversation with FemTech entrepreneurs, innovators, authors, and thought leaders. Susan is the Marketing and Brand Manager at Hyivy Health, a startup working to create the first intelligent and holistic pelvic rehabilitation medical device for women experiencing symptoms from pelvic cancers and diseases. Susan lives in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Larees.png

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand

MD, FACOG, Founder & CEO, The Estrogen Doctor

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand helps women in all stages of menopause, perimenopause to post, improve their hormone balance so they can live more productive, powerful, and performance-driven lives... forever! She is a board-certified OB/GYN and the Founder and CEO of The Estrogen Doctor Company, LLC. She believes every woman deserves to live a healthy, beautiful life and age gracefully doing so. Dr. LaReesa has been in private practice for nearly two decades serving women along their reproductive lifespan. In 2020, she was named one of the top OB/GYN Physicians in the Orlando Family Magazine. 
By integrating her traditional medical background with a modern approach of anti-aging and femtech tools, she helps create personalized and results-driven solutions for women in the 40 and beyond club. Dr. LaReesa’s experience and clinical skills extends into “femhealth” industry consulting. She lives in the Sunshine state of Florida but her heart still beats for her native state of Louisiana. She is married with one child and enjoys relaxing with family, reading, traveling, and mentoring young women.




(5 mins)

Opening Remarks

Terri Harris (Head of Community, FemTech Lab) - Moderator 


(10 mins)

Menopause Care — A Woman's Journey to Midlife Wellness

Dr. Barbra Hanna (DO, FACOG, NCMP, Founder & CEO, MyMenopauseRx)


(10 mins)

Let’s Talk About Pelvic Organ Prolapse —
50% of Women are Affected

Debbie Garner (CEO, FEMSelect)


(10 mins)

Turning Eve's Curse to Eve's Blessing

Hilla Shaviv (CEO, Gals Bio Ltd)


(10 mins)

Longevity and Language

Rachel Braun Scherl (Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Vagipreneur, SPARK Solutions for Growth)


(10 mins)

How to Сhange Longevity and Quality in Life by Getting into the Driver Seat of Your Own Health Development

Dr. Isabelle Rottmann (Founder & CEO, Uplyfe)


(35 mins)

Advanced Cosmetics and Longevity

Kate Batz (Director, FemTech Analytics)


(25 mins)

Q&A, Panel Discussion


(10 mins)

Joining Forces to Advance FemTech in Switzerland

Ksenia Tugay (PhD, Strategic Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel)


(10 mins)

Know Your Cycle, Know Your Body, Live Healthier

Lisa Krapinger (CMO, Carbomed Medical Solutions)


(10 mins)

For Females Designed by Females

Petra Rabely (Digital Product Designer, VMLY&R)


(10 mins)

Body and Mind, Sexual Health, Orgasms and the Integration of the Psycosoma

David Verdesi (Anthropologist, Scientist, Life Coach)


(10 mins)

AI-powered Women's Health Assistant for Menstrual Wellness

Mark Amouzgar (Co-Founder & CEO, March Health)


(10 mins)

Why FemTech Needs to Meet Women Where They Are

Susan Stover (Marketing and Brand Manager at Hyivy Health, Co-host FemTech Focus Book Club)


(10 mins)

Perimenopause and Beyond: Why Performance-Driven Outcomes Matter?

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand (MD, FACOG, Founder & CEO, The Estrogen Doctor)


(15 mins)

Q&A, Panel Discussion


(5 mins)

Closing Remarks

​Terri Harris (Head of Community, FemTech Lab) - Moderator 

Panel 1. FemTech: Improving Women’s Health and Lifespan

Panel 2. The Potential of FemTech in Advancing Women’s Lifespan

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