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Proprietary Analytics

FemTech Analytics is a strategic partner to the leading FemTech organizations, investment institutions (VC funds, investment banks), and governments across the globe — in matters related to investments, strategic positioning, and policy development in the areas of FemTech research.


While FemTech Analytics regularly produces open industry reports covering high-growth sectors in women's healthcare, including reproductive health, pregnancy & nursing, emotional wellbeing, and diagnostics, some of the more in-depth research is only available to our clients and strategic partners under the “Proprietary Analytics” category.

Our range of proprietary services includes custom consulting projects, based on the specific needs of the customer, as well as a collection of pre-produced “ready-to-use” proprietary reports, produced by our research team, covering general trends and specific action ideas and strategic insights related to the most promising investment prospects (e.g. new technologies, FemTech startups), M&A prospects, and strategic growth ideas (trends profiling, industry overviews, etc.).

Our Services

  • Investment landscape profiling, identifying investment ideas in the FemTech field

  • Preliminary due diligence (business, science, and technology, intellectual property (IP) profiling, freedom of operation assessment, legal assessment, etc.)

  • Comprehensive due diligence (deep business, science, and technology assessment, IP and legal assessment, growth potential assessment, etc.)

  • Infringement analysis of technology (e.g. If you plan to partner or invest in data-analytics FemTechs, or AI-development vendors, it is essential to understand their technological assets, both in terms of innovation potential and in terms of legal protection and non-infringement risk management)

  • SWOT analysis of companies and technological sectors, competitive profiling

  • Industry profiling and growth strategy development for top-tier companies and governments

Organizing Data

Proprietary Reports

  • There is a 125-page report delivering practical answers to these specific questions in order to optimize the short and long-term strategies of FemTech corporations and other institutions related to the industry, with a newly updated edition being released each quarter, incrementally increasing the precision, practicality, and actionability of its technological and financial analysis

  • Our report is supported by our rapidly developing data mining engine, data visualization platform, and analytics dashboards

The value our reports deliver:

Deep analysis of the deal-making prospects in the FemTech space, identification of top mini-trends and larger tendencies in innovations and technology adoption (e.g. FemTech breakthroughs, special devices, services, diagnostic decisions, national programmes, etc.)

Tangible forecasts on the 3-5 years horizon, providing an overview of future scenarios of the development of various technologies in the FemTech industry

Practical guides for adopting various technological solutions and best practices, vendor profiling and contract research strategy building

Analysis of key market players in the emerging and high-growth areas of FemTech industry

The parties who gain early access to these reports will have deep expertise on how their strategic agendas can be optimized in order to leverage novel research, new technologies, and emerging market opportunities, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing technological environment, and taking into account shifting global priorities and trends.

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