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Kate Batz
Director of FemTech Analytics

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Maria Shmelova
Head of FemTech Analytics

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Julia Bondaruk
Business Development Manager

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Abstract Background


FemTech Analytics (FTA) is a strategic analytics agency focused on relatively young yet already treated as the next big market disruptor FemTech market, which embraces the cornerstone subsectors such as Longevity for women, Mental Health & Healthy Lifestyle, Reproductive Health, and General Healthcare. The range of activities includes research and in-depth analysis on major areas of high potential in the FemTech industry, maintaining profiling of companies and governmental agencies based on their innovation potential and business activity, and providing consulting and analytical services to advance the FemTech sector.

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Over the recent years, FemTech industry has revolutionized world’s perception on women’s healthcare and its importance. There have been numerous advancement in terms of R&D in areas not covered previously in the required depth. For instance, longevity, menopause solutions, tracking apps, sexual healthcare, mental health are just some of the areas of new focus in FemTech industry. Besides, the number of companies using AI is growing and will remain a stable tendency for the upcoming years.

The FemTech industry remains a viable investment opportunity due to an ongoing trend of diversity and preventive health and personalized medicine recognition. In addition, personalized wellness and consumer healthcare technology has been a top-five investment area in digital health for several years.

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FTA is producing regular analytical reports on major areas of high potential in the around female industries, maintaining ratings of companies and governments based on their innovation potential and business activity in the FemTech sphere, and providing strategic consulting and investment intelligence services. 


​Given the recent increase in the number of companies focused on a core Longevity component, we predict a rise in the number of FemTech companies focused on Longevity in particular. FemTech Longevity sector growth may partly be the result of the increasing gap between female healthspan and their rising lifespans. Still, the number of years spent suffering from age-related diseases is also higher than men have. This creates an unmet need for products and services aiming to maximize female healthspan that the rising FemTech Longevity sector is striving to fulfill.

Our IT-Platform is designed to make key strategic recommendations and guidance regarding female-related technologies and techniques, within the reach of companies, other entities, and nations, in order to assist them in optimizing their action plans and strategies, providing specialized guidelines for business, and investment core decisions.

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