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Raising Capital in FemTech: Opportunities and Challenges

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Time: November 18, 2021 (5 PM GMT - 8 PM GMT)

"Raising Capital in FemTech: Opportunities and Challenges" is a free virtual event combining speaker's talks and the roundtable discussion on crucial investments topics. The lack of investments is a fundamental challenge for FemTech companies. Investors and FemTech founders will share their insights and best practices, and answer all your questions about raising capital in the space.

Moderator of Panel 1

Jo Headshot

Jo Living

Co-founder & COO, Fertility Circle

Following 10 years in Investment Banking, Jo transitioned into the world of startups - most recently leading a fellowship programme supporting social entrepreneurs. Eager to scratch her own entrepreneurial itch, she joined Fertility Circle as co-founder / COO in 2020, raising £600k in funding in 2021. She believes female investors can change the world by embracing agency over their wealth and supporting innovations they care about. A lover of yoga and meditation, she brings a unique blend of kick-ass and woo-woo. Jo loves playing poker and hosts monthly game nights in Islington, where she lives with her husband and son.

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Moderator of Panel 2

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Ksenia Tugay

PhD, Strategic Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel  

Ksenia Tugay is a Strategic Innovation Expert at Groupe Mutuel, leading Swiss Health Insurance. Apart from leading Tech4Eva, Ksenia is responsible for identifying startups, trends and best practices of strategic interest to Groupe Mutuel.

Ksenia holds PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Lausanne. Her PhD was dedicated to Type 2 Diabetes, Genetics and Ageing. After completing her PhD, Ksenia has joined Inartis Foundation and was instrumental in launching the first edition of MassChallenge startup acceleration program in Switzerland. Throughout her career, Ksenia worked with key Swiss startup accelerators and incubators in Switzerland including Impact Hub and Swiss EdTech Collider.

Ksenia grew up between Russia and Switzerland. She speaks fluently Russian, English and French. Today Ksenia lives in Lausanne region raising her 20-month daughter together with her husband. 

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Kate B.png

Kate Batz

Director, FemTech Analytics

Kate Batz is Director of FemTech Analytics and Managing Partner of Longevity.Capital, a specialized investment fund focused on the Longevity Industry. She is also Director of Strategy and Business Development at Deep Knowledge Ventures Group, comprising of Deep Knowledge Ventures, Aging Analytics Agency, and Deep Knowledge Analytics. Kate is an experienced corporate attorney by background, licensed to practice law in California, New York, and Russia, with extensive sales and marketing experience. 

At the beginning of her career, Kate was involved with international litigation when she worked for a former Pennsylvania state senator. As a corporate attorney, Kate worked with many Fortune 500 clients. Сompelled by the paradigm-shifting advances in science and technology in the fields of aging and Longevity, Kate joined Deep Knowledge Ventures Group. Kate is based in San Francisco, California.

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Tal Catran

Startups & Accelerators Guru

Tal is a prominent figure in the global innovation ecosystem. Founded 17 startup accelerators since 2012, in both Israel and abroad, has rendered him a Guru on building accelerators, hubs and startup ecosystems. Over the years Tal conducted 60 cohorts hosting near to a 1,000 startups in his accelerators. Tal serves as Advisory Board Member in various companies and technology startups. Tal’s active involvement in promoting and mentoring startup’s ecosystems stretches worldwide.

Tal is also a busy Keynote Speaker and TEDx Speaker, on tech startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship, sharing his professional toolbox to mentor, motivate and inspire entrepreneurs around the globe.

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Alexa Binns headshot.jpg

Alexa Binns

Partner at Halogen Ventures

Alexa Binns is a Partner at Halogen. She is a marketer with a talent for spotting the latest consumer trends and technology. She focuses on companies with mass consumer appeal or adoption, particularly within three areas: the future of shopping, health/wellness, and media. Halogen's femtech investments include The Flex Company, Le Minou, and Teal.

Prior to Halogen, Alexa was at Maven Ventures, another seed-stage venture fund focused on consumer tech. Alexa has an impressive track record of bringing brands to market to achieve massive scale. She launched the Cheeky brand with Target, as well as two national public health campaigns with MTV, Walgreens, and the NBA. Alexa’s speciality is deploying the latest marketing techniques: she wrote her master’s thesis on how to build a brand on YouTube, was nominated for a Mashable Award for social media marketing with Foursquare, and helped sell the Twitch influencer marketing platform NoScope.

Alexa graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford and has her MBA from UCLA Anderson.

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Julianne Roseman

Senior Associate, Ventures - Digital Health at Plug and Play Tech Center

Julianne currently leads healthcare investing at Plug and Play where she focuses on digital health. Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that includes venture capital, accelerator programs, and corporate innovation. In 2019, Pitchbook named Plug and Play the 2nd most active investor in the US and the 5th most active investor in healthcare services & systems. Her expertise is focused on seed stage venture investing and developing strategic partnerships and her experiences span hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, academia, disease foundations, and accelerator organizations. Earlier in her career, Julianne worked on therapeutics investing. 

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Olivia Cramer

Investor at The Craftory

Olivia Cramer sits on The Craftory’s deal team. Olivia does everything from helping to find brands to partner with and analysing sectors that The Craftory finds interesting, to executing deals once The Craftory found those brands and then supporting them on anything pertaining to finance once they join The Craftory family. Olivia is also Chief Fun Officer (the real CFO) making sure that The Craftory family celebrates the wins. 

Olivia began her career with a couple of years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch on their UK M&A team in London before moving to Beirut to learn Arabic and work with Endeavor, an NGO that helps scale-ups across the globe where Olivia saw the potential of finance to be a force for good in the world. Olivia returned to London in 2016 to join a sector agnostic venture capital firm where Olivia confirmed that her passion was in consumer investing and joined The Craftory in 2018. Olivia is a hybrid Brit-American with an oddly strong American accent for someone who has spent so much time in the UK.

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Elissa Baker

Managing Partner at Phase2 Health

Elissa is a Managing Partner at Phase2 Health, where she manages go-to-market strategy for Phase2 Health's clients and oversees operations and marketing for Phase2 Health. As an RN, BSN, former neonatal nurse, published author of clinical research, and proven healthcare leader, she's made a career bringing digital health initiatives to market. With 10-years of healthcare, digital health sales, and marketing experience, Elissa has reviewed effective Public Relations and Account-Based Marketing strategies that get the attention of healthcare decision-makers and investors.

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Priyanka Mehandiratta.jpg

Priyanka Mehandiratta

Founder and CEO of Unmute

Priyanka Mehandiratta is a multi-talented woman with a unique award under her belt - one of “The 10  Most Influential Women in Technology 2020” – recognized by Analytics Insight and was recently featured in Valiant CEO Magazine for her work in shaping the next generation of women leaders. She is a Startup Mentor, Certified Leadership Trainer, Certified Executive Coach, and an MBA Graduate and has received numerous Super Achiever awards and has also been accredited by former colleagues as ‘the go-to person for coaching and learning. Her experience has granted her solid trust from her clients. 

After building her career of 16 years in talent management and run global projects for big banks and consulting, she successfully transitioned into the world of leadership development. After solidifying DX learning Canada in 2018 as a Startup in the space of accelerated Leadership  Development, Priyanka recently founded “Unmute” with the sole purpose of creating the workforce of the future.

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Elena Gantvarg.jpg

Elena Gantvarg

Principal at Flint Capital

Elena is VC Investor with 15+ years of experience in enterprise software, telecom, Digital Health, SaaS, VC and management consulting, spanning US, Europe and Israel. 

  • Experienced technology professional with diverse working background in telecom and enterprise software industries

  • Areas of expertise include development of go-to market strategies (competitive market segmentation and analysis, product requirements analysis, business case authoring and financial analysis) and product marketing (ROI and pricing modeling, sales tools, whitepapers, product collateral and website development, including SEO).

  • Rich international experience, worked in Western/Eastern Europe, Israel and US

  • MBA degree from top European business school, M.Sc. degree in Computer Science & Math

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Katherine Gilroy 1.png

Katherine Gilroy

Senior Associate, Seedrs

Katherine sources businesses for the Seedrs investor audience. She advises entrepreneurs on how to strategise their investment rounds to raise capital, market their business and build a community of brand ambassadors. As Diversity Lead, she advocates for underrepresented founders and works to ensure the platform supports as many founders from underrepresented backgrounds as possible. To date she's helped 40 seed-stage businesses to raise over £17.5m.
Seedrs is a leading private investment platform and the most active funder of private companies in the UK - with over £1.5BN invested into campaigns and almost 1,500 deals funded. We enable all types of investors to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success, and we enable all types of growth-focused businesses to raise capital and build a community in the process. We are equity crowdfunding done properly. 

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Kaitlyn Tregenza.png

Kaitlyn Tregenza

Head of Venture Capital at Twynam Investments
Angel Investor and Scaleup Coach in FemTech and SexTech

Kaitlyn became an entrepreneur at 10 years old, selling chocolates and ice-creams door-to-door and at schools out of a small cooler she would carry around. By 16, Kaitlyn started a children’s entertainment company. It paid for her university in France and she moved to the other side of the world, graduated in the GFC without any hopes of employment. So Kaitlyn started a consulting house in Paris and then expanded to Madrid. Eventually Kaitlyn relocated to China and started a series of English schools. Fast forward in time, Kaitlyn co-founded and lead Twynam Investment’s VC in climate tech startups. Kaitlyn has made 20 investments in incredible world changing companies focused on reversing climate change.

Beyond Twynam, Kaitlyn is deeply focussed on improving the lives, health and opportunities for women. “We need more women in startups and more female founders solving important female focused problems to catapult the next wave of feminism and equality. The future of work requires us to promote the massively untapped resource that is women.” Kaitlyn loves to coach, scale and invest in female founded businesses that aim to embolden women globally.

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(10 mins)

Opening Remarks

Kate Batz (Director, FemTech Analytics) & Jo Living (Co-founder & COO, Fertility Circle)


(10 mins)

“Femtech —Tough Promise to Fund”

Tal Catran (Startups & Accelerators Guru)


(20 mins)

“Fundraising for FemTech: The Power of the Crowd”

Katherine Gilroy (Senior Associate, Seedrs)


(35 mins)

Panel Discussion: "Overcoming Key Financing Challenges in FemTech"

Olivia Cramer (Investor, The Craftory)
Elena Gantvarg (Principal, Flint Capital)
Tal Catran (Startups & Accelerators Guru)
Katherine Gilroy (Senior Associate, Seedrs)

Panel 1. Raising Capital in FemTech

Panel 2. Accelerating Growth in FemTech


(5 mins)

Opening Remarks

Ksenia Tugay (PhD, Strategic Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel)


(10 mins)

"FemTech Growth: Identifying Product-Market Fit and a Realistic Revenue Strategy”

Elissa Baker (Managing Partner, Phase2 Health) 


(10 mins)

"The Challenges Of Raising Capital For Business Owners In The Femtech Industry"

Priyanka Mehandiratta (Founder & CEO, Unmute)


(10 mins)

“Tips on How to Approach Your Fundraise” 

Alexa Binns (Partner, Halogen Ventures)


(10 mins)

“Recorded Interview with Kaitlyn Tregenza”

Kaitlyn Tregenza (Head of Venture Capital, Twynam Investments)
Interviewer: Megan Capriccio (CEO of FemTech Collective)


(10 mins)

“Investment Landscape in FemTech”

Kate Batz (Director, FemTech Analytics)


(45 mins)

Panel Discussion: "The Future of FemTech Investment: Key Opportunities in the Emerging Industry"

Kate Batz (Director, FemTech Analytics)
Julianne Roseman (Senior Associate, Plug and Play Tech Center)
Elissa Baker (Managing Partner, Phase2 Health)
Alexa Binns (Partner, Halogen Ventures)
Priyanka Mehandiratta (Founder & CEO, Unmute)


(5 mins)

Closing Remarks

Ksenia Tugay (PhD, Strategic Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel)

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