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The State of FemTech 2021-2022: Industry Review and Outlook

“The State of FemTech 2021-2022: Industry Review and Outlook” was a free virtual event combining speaker’s talks and the panel discussion on what to expect in women’s health and FemTech in 2022.

During the conference, each panelist conducted a 10 minute talk followed by a joint panel discussion from the moderator and the audience.

Webinar Recordings

Previous Events

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"Raising Capital in FemTech: Opportunities and Challenges" is a free virtual event combining speaker's talks and the roundtable discussion on crucial investments topics. The lack of investments is a fundamental challenge for FemTech companies.


Investors and FemTech founders will share their insights and best practices, and answer all your questions about raising capital in the space.

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“FemTech Advancing Women's Wellness and Lifespan” was a virtual 1-day conference featuring a number of FemTech influencers, including founders & CEOs of startups and established companies, investors, scientists and other key players in the Women's Health industry.

The event was focus on the impact of technologies on women’s health and lifespan and how FemTech contributes to women’s Longevity in general.

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The virtual conference "FemTech Industry Landscape 2021: Discovering New Horizons" held on July 29, 2021, where professionals from FemTech Analytics and invited guest speakers who are Founders & CEO of FemTech companies and start-ups, Healthcare Innovators, Investors and Hubs, Women Influencers and Enthusiasts shared insights, findings and personal experience about new possibilities and cutting-edge technologies in fast developing FemTech market.

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