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FemTech Industry
Landscape Q2 2022 

FemTech Industry Landscape Q2 2022 summarizes essential observations in the rapidly growing FemTech ecosystem. Based on the up-to-date data and souces, the report provides global and regional analytical overview of the industry, including notable start-ups, remarkable investment deals, funding highlights, and key trends and innovations.


The analytics in the report are based on information about 2,700+ organizations, including 1,400 FemTech companies across 10 subsectors, 1,300 investors, 25+ community organisations, and 15 R&D centers based on their innovation potential and business aсtivity aсross the globe. The report also remarks flagship FemTech upcoming events. 

We acknowledge that scope and priorities may change as the industry grows, especially in an ever-evolving industry like FemTech. We continuously improve the methodology as the industry progresses.

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