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Why is FemTech becoming one of the key trends to advance women's health and wellness?

Being relatively ‘young’, the FemTech Industry remains largely underfunded; however, it is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. The FemTech industry (and more specifically, women’s health and technology) is projected to double in size and include more areas. However, for that to happen, it will have to overcome various challenges.

Lisa Krapinger (CMO at Carbomed Medical Solutions) and Oriana Kraft (Producer at FemTech Summit) expressed their views on why FemTech becoming is one of the key trends to advance women's health and wellness:

Lisa Krapinger

(CMO, Carbomed Medical Solutions)

“Due to the fact, that women were underrepresented in healthcare, clinical trials and the whole health systems it is now important to catch up on female health.”

Oriana Kraft

(Producer, FemTech Summit)

“Due to its potential to personalise women's health. Historically, women have been excluded from medical trials and even to a certain extent the medical curriculum. FemTech is a movement bringing awareness to the fact that women have manifest symptoms to diseases differently, suffer at a different prevalence from certain diseases, are often under diagnosed or prescribed medication at a dose that is incorrect for the way their body metabolises drugs. It is one of the key trends quite simply because it is one of the few trends to take into account the way women have been left out of medical innovations on such a large scale.”



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