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Menopause Telemedicine - A Digital Revolution

By; Barbra Hanna, DO, NCMP

Founder & CEO MyMenopauseRx

Menopause can be a confusing time in a woman’s life. Brain fog, poor memory, and fatigue are just a few contributing symptoms. Finding midlife health and wellbeing for women should not be difficult, yet it is. Many women complain their menopause symptoms are dismissed, and with good reason. Most primary care providers and ob/gyn get little to no formal training treating menopause. Since better healthcare during perimenopause and menopause can positively impact women’s health risks later on in life, midlife women need improved access to menopause specialists. Menopause care is women’s healthcare. Telemedicine platforms like MyMenopauseRx are revolutionizing menopause care through its easy and convenient digital healthcare journey.

Vital to encouraging patient compliance with self-care, the clinical team at MyMenopauseRx serves as a woman’s partner in perimenopause and menopause. Women enjoy unlimited HIPPA compliant messaging with clinical staff, recommended personalized lifestyle interventions, supplement recommendations, evidence based treatments and aftercare summaries, all available from their patient dashboard. Easy access to personalized healthcare recommendations is especially important since 40-80% of medical information provided by healthcare providers is forgotten immediately by patients.

Empowering women with education, value and choice is paramount to creating a satisfying healthcare experience. MyMenopauseRx begins each woman’s digital healthcare journey with on demand scheduling of virtual menopause visits, thus eliminating the average 24 day wait time for a new patient appointment at a primary care provider or ob/gyn. Appointment booking times are flexible to fit their busy schedules, eradicating a woman’s need to miss work or important life events.

No different from ordering off a menu in a restaurant, women confidently know the cost of their healthcare visit before it begins. The MyMenopauseRx telemedicine platform includes transparent fixed out of pocket costs that take the guesswork out of healthcare expenses. Point of care payment options right on the patient dashboard make paying for one’s care a breeze.

Since midlife women transitioning through menopause are at increased risk for chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis, many women find lab testing helpful to reinforce their lifestyle choices and self-care. Other midlife women are re-entering the dating world and are in need of confidential testing for sexually transmitted infections. MyMenopauseRx made obtaining traditional prescription based lab testing easy. Women can self order lab testing on demand right from their patient dashboard with price transparency for each test. Lab testing is completed at national standardized facilities, no different than receiving a lab order at a traditional in-person doctor’s visit. Results are reviewed by clinical staff and then made available for viewing on one’s patient dashboard once complete.

The HIPPA compliant patient dashboard at MyMenopauseRx serves as the women’s command center for menopause care, putting all the needed resources at their fingertips. Women who utilize telemedicine platforms like MyMenopauseRx enjoy convenient, evidence-based digital healthcare journeys, finding the menopause health and wellbeing they deserve.



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