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Informational Materials for Business Development Partners
FemTech Analytics Products

FemTech Analytics (FTA) grants exclusive access to a comprehensive suite of analytical and visualization platforms, including custom dashboards crafted specifically for the diverse needs of the FemTech sector. Our platforms offer extensive market and ecosystem data, crucial for making well-informed, strategic decisions in areas such as Reproductive Health & Contraception, General Healthcare, Women's Longevity, and more.

Developed from FTA’s broad expertise in FemTech industry analysis and strategic consulting, these tools are now accessible for third-party utilization. They provide unparalleled insights into key subsectors of women’s health, empowering users with the essential data needed to stay at the forefront of the evolving FemTech landscape.


FTA seeks partners to distribute these specialized platforms and dashboards, as well as other services. Distributors will earn a commission of 22% of the contract price. To support our partners, FTA provides a complete set of resources, including detailed documentation, engagement assets, and strategic message drafts, ensuring effective marketing and distribution of these essential industry tools.

DPI Offering

Distributor Terms and Informational Materials

DKG Offering

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Woman's Health Club

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Coming Soon

FemTech Big Data Analytics Dashboard

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Fundraising Support 

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Advanced Proprietary

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Advanced Cosmetics 

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Referral Programs

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Complex Tailored Solutions

FemTech Analytics specializes in bespoke solutions for complex challenges in the FemTech sector. We offer a unique blend of services, including technology and market ecosystem forecasting, in-depth due diligence, and advanced machine learning tools for data processing. Our expertise extends to creating custom platforms for data visualization and analysis, as well as mapping operational ecosystems. Understanding the intricacies of each project, we invite potential clients and partners to engage in preliminary discussions, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns precisely with your strategic needs. Let's initiate a dialogue to explore how FemTech Analytics can transform your unique challenges into opportunities.

Custom Dashboard Creation

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Custom Platform Creation

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Operational Environment Analysis

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Distributor Resources

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Comming Soon
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