Key Market Trends

Key Market Trends: Reproductive Health

Global Fertility Services Market, 2018-2026

The global fertility services market is expected to almost double by 2026, becoming a $41.4 billion industry.

The biggest cause of the current trend is that women are more likely to choose having a baby at a later age. The mean age of women giving birth to their first child was 29.4 years in 2019 in Europe.

A growing number of peoplе are also experiеncing trouble conceiving, and therefore the market for fertility services has continued to grow.

Recent technologies implemented:
● In vitro fertilization (IVF)
● Egg freezing
● Blood-based hormon home tests
● Saliva home test for ovulation.

Key Market Trends: Menopause Solutions

Key Market Trends: Wearables

Key Market Trends: Tracking Apps

FemTech Companies Representing Market Trend

Key Factors in the Development of the FemTech Market

FemTech Future Prospects

Currently, the vast majority of FemTech companies are focusing on the Fertility and Pregnancy space; however, that’s likely to change within the next decade. It is also expected that new and promising areas, such as Longevity, menopause, SexTech, therapy and breastfeeding will be experiencing rapid growth.

Here are the factors that can help determine the direction in which the industry will be headed.