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FemTech Market Trends

Key Market Trends

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Key Market Trends: Fertility Solutions

Global Fertility Services Market Size, 2018-2026

Source: Statista

The global fertility services market is expected to almost double by 2026, becoming a $41.4 billion industry.

The biggest cause of the current trend is that women are more likely to choose having a baby at a later age. The mean age of women giving birth to their first child was 29.4 years in 2019 in Europe.

A growing number of peoplе are also experiеncing trouble conceiving, and therefore the market for fertility services has continued to grow.

Latest technologies implemented:
● In vitro fertilization (IVF)
● Egg freezing
● Blood-based hormon home tests
● Saliva home test for ovulation.

Key Market Trends: Menopause Solutions

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Source: (1) MDPI

Key Market Trends: Wearable FemTech

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Source: Statista

Key Market Trends: Tracking Apps

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Source: Bloomberg

Artificial Intelligence in FemTech

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FemTech Companies That Use AI

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Key Factors in the Development of the FemTech Market

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