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Global Investment Digest Q3 2021

FemTech Analytics’ “Investment Digest Q3 2021” is a special case study that gives an extended overview of FemTech financials. It summarizes key stakeholders' profiles and observations concerning investments within the FemTech industry, including Investments Overview, Leading Companies, and Investors, and Top Publicly Traded Companies in the FemTech Industry.

In the 75-page Investment Digest, information has been assembled about key industry trends and 1,500 FemTech companies, more than 60 publicly traded corporations, 1,000 leading investors in 60+ countries, and other FemTech related players contributing to the growing economy that focuses on women's unmet needs.

In this analysis, the database of FemTech companies has been collected using automated algorithms. This Digest highlights main FemTech industry information and trends in the form of infographics and mindmaps. This is an overview analysis to help the reader understand what is happening in the industry currently and possibly give an idea of what is to come in the nearest future.

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