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FemTech Industry
Landscape Overview Q4 2021 S
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FemTech Industry Landscape Overview Q4 2021 summarizes vital observations in the FemTech ecosystem, a rapidly evolving and growing industry. Based on the assembled and analyzed data, the report reveals vital features, trends, innovations, technologies, market size, among other features.


The analytics in the report are based on information about 2,600+ organizations, including 1,300+ FemTech companies selected by sector, 1,290+ investors, 14 R&D centers, and 22 community organizations. The report also depicts the top 150 FemTech personalities and their contributions to the development of the industry. 

We acknowledge that scope and priorities may change as the industry grows, especially in an ever-evolving industry like FemTech. We continuously improve the methodology as the industry progresses.

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