Total Percentage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usage in FemTech industry is at 6% level. Of the six aggregated subsectors using AI, three account for 74% of all AI technologies used in FemTech. Being the second in terms of funding and by the number of companies, Reproductive Health has the highest number of companies using AI. Reproductive Health is followed by Healthcare and Beauty for FemTech, accounting for 24% and 21% respectively. Personal Care & Wellbeing aggregated subsector has the lowest number of companies using AI.

FemTech Aggregated Subsectors Using AI, 2021

The application of AI is a noticeable trend in several FemTech subsectors such as Beauty for FemTech, Diagnostics, Sexual and General Healthcare, Fertility Solutions.
Using AI technologies and big data to better identify health problems faced by women; providing personalized solutions in a matter of seconds.
Personal Care & Wellbeing
Making healthcare and emotional well being highly personalized through the use of AI and machine learning to provide solutions specifically addressing the problem.
Connecting trusted experts to ensure that women receive full and high-quality care; providing personalized advice during pregnancy.
Pregnancy & Nursing 
Reproductive Health
AI-powered companies have developed a better understanding of reproductive health at all stages, which helps to monitor cycles and fertility windows.
Beauty for FemTech
By using AI, beauty tech companies are able to provide women with personalized offers and care, according to their needs.
AI-based technologies provide care coordinators and 24/7 telemedicine access to a range of women’s healthcare problems.

FemTech Companies Using AI